Causes for the overheating of an automotive cooling system

  This article will discuss the possible causes for the overheating of an automotive cooling system. On a standard cooling setup that has not been converted or modified, the cooling system will operate correctly and not overheat if the following conditions are met: The system has enough coolant Can build up and maintain pressure (no… Continue Reading

How to mount a transmission oil cooler.

How to mount a transmission oil cooler.

The cooling system that is on a vehicle is vital for its survival. If you have one that is not functioning the way it should be, it can incapacitate its ability to maintain a consistent and safe operating temperature for the components involved. As a driver, it is more about the prevention of it cooking… Continue Reading

Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium is the preferred choice of material for a large variety of fabricated goods. There is a reason it’s called the wonder metal. This is a metal that is strong, flexible, light, corrosion resistant and conductive of electricity and heat. Magnetic powers do not affect the metal either. As with most materials there are also… Continue Reading

Davies Craig installs 16” Thermatic Fan to Mazda BT50

Davies Craig installs 16” Thermatic Fan to Mazda BT50   When it comes to our Thermatic® Fans, we recognize the superior strength and wind force (CFM) generated by our high powered electric fans. That’s why we chose to replace the factory-fitted viscous clutch fan on our Mazda BT50 (Ford Ranger) with the integrated fully reversible… Continue Reading

Davies, Craig Brushless 14” Thermatic Fan launched!

Altona North, Victoria, June 30th, 2016 ~ Iconic Australian-owned and operated cooling technologies manufacturer, Davies, Craig Pty Ltd adds the 14” Brushless Thermatic® Fan to its range! This model complements the recently-released 11” brushless fan and the other, very popular Thermatic® Fan range. The 14” Brushless Thermatic® Fan has a tidy compact nylon composite shroud… Continue Reading

Media Release Updated Thermatic Fan Switch #0444

For Immediate Release THERMATIC FAN SWITCH KIT – Part #0444 – UPDATED!   Altona North, Victoria, Wednesday 10th 2016 Iconic Australian automotive cooling manufacturer, Davies, Craig Pty Ltd has updated the very popular Digital Thermatic Fan Switch Part #0444. The major update – the Thermal Sensor probe can now measure air or water temperature! Probe… Continue Reading

Media Release EBP40 040216

For Immediate Release Davies Craig complements Electric Booster Pump range with the EBP®40. Altona North, Victoria, February 4th 2016 ~ Iconic Australian automotive cooling technologies manufacturer, Davies, Craig Pty Ltd has added another great Electric Booster Pump, the EBP®40 to its range. The new brushless EBP®40 is available in both 12v & 24v and offers… Continue Reading

The Fan Clutch: What Is Its Purpose?

The fan clutch is an automatic device that is frequently used in a vehicle’s cooling system. Thus, when the engine is cool or even when it is at a normal operating temperature, the fan clutch will disengage the engine’s radiator cooling fan to a certain degree (which is mechanically compelled). This is typically found at… Continue Reading

Heat Exchangers: What are these exactly? Please Explain!

Have you ever watched curls of smoke drifting from smokestacks and wondered how much energy they are impractically pumping into the air? Maybe less than you might think… Saving energy is a huge and expensive problem for factory superiors and it is one reason they frequently install devices called heat exchangers to save as much… Continue Reading

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