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Welcome to Universal Coolers in South Africa. Universal Coolers was founded in 1999 to supply top-quality aluminium heat exchangers (small to medium sized) to the market, supported by best-of-the-best technical support and consultancy services. Originally the business concentrated mainly on oil coolers, but as the business grew in size the range of products expanded.

We have sole distribution agreements for Southern Africa with Setrab Oil Coolers from Sweden, Davies Craig from Australia and NRF from the Netherlands. We are able to supply alternative oil coolers (Twin-Swirl) for Hayden oil coolers, used on some earth moving equipment (Bell) and industrial applications.

Although we concentrate mostly on import and distribution, we have however exported to the following countries: Kenya, Great Britain, United States, China and Switzerland, to name a few.

Some of our bigger clients include: Paramount, Denel Vehicle Systems, DCD Dorbyl, Toyota, Motorsport and AAD.

We currently serve the following markets:

Motorsport Motorsport Military Military vehicle manufacturers mining Mining Manufacturing Manufacturing
Transport Transport aircraft Light aircraft industry Earth-moving Earth moving equipment processing-plant Processing plants
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