The cooling system that is on a vehicle is vital for its survival. If you have one that is not functioning the way it should be, it can incapacitate its ability to maintain a consistent and safe operating temperature for the components involved. As a driver, it is more about the prevention of it cooking before it happens, Otherwise you might just end up limping home when the damage has already been done.

Very similar to engine oil, taking care of the fluid inside the transmission is as critical to maintain longevity. In other words, transmissions are always under load and vehicles enduring the demands of stop and go traffic, including highway jaunts can generate a lot of enough heat.

Add flat-footing it down the quarter-mile or spirited driving at the autocross and there is a very good chance that you are already taxing the system. It is excessive heat in the transmission that burns seals, damages friction plates and destroys your gasket.

Since it is for the fluid to lubricate and dissipate heat from a transmission, it is definitely not something you want to take for granted or neglect. Apart from adding a deeper sump transmission oil pan to hold the additional fluid, installation of a external transmission oil cooler will also help by offering more surface area. This then allows the fluid to cycle through the heat exchanger and also to cool down fast before returning back to the transmission. In the end you should have longer fluid life and most importantly, this will assist in keeping the internal transmission temperatures to a more manageable level without having to sacrifice performance.

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