Low Coolant Level Alarm Kit

The Low Coolant Level Alarm Kit will monitor the coolant level in engines and will immediately identify low coolant should this situation develop. This cool new device comes with a loud audible alarm and will help prevent an over-heating engine and significant engine failure. The unit simply fits into your engine’s top radiator hose and will alert you to the loss of engine system coolant via an audible alarm. This situation may occur when a radiator hose splits or frays, a radiator springs a leak and the engine’s coolant is either low or lost. The vehicle’s simple temperature gauge will not alert the driver to this event and the Low Coolant Alarm adds security to assist monitor your engine’s coolant level. Loss of engine coolant can cause the water pump to lose pressure and will quickly develop into to an overheated engine. Most engine temperature protection systems and gauges will not detect coolant loss as they rely on sensing the coolant temperature. When the coolant is lost, the gauges cannot sense engine temperature and as such expensive engine failure may occur.

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