MECHANICAL ADJUSTABLE THERMAL SWITCH – PART No: 0400, 0401 & 0404 (12 & 24 VOLT)  The Mechanical Adjustable Thermal Switch is adjustable from 40° to 100°C (104° to 212°F). It is mounted near the radiator and the stainless steel probe fitted inside the radiator hose making contact with the coolant. The mechanical thermal switch is then connected to the  ignition circuit for operation. The thermal switch & relay kit (Part 0404) enables a fan to operate both thermally and also when the air conditioning is running.      ELECTRONIC THERMAL SWITCH – PART No: 0444 (12 & 24V) Davies, Craig Pty Ltd very own designed Digital Thermatic Fan Switch Kit can be used with our Thermatic Fans, EWP’s & competitors Fans. It senses air temperature as it passes through the radiator and has an adjustable temperature range of 40ºC to 110ºC (104ºF to 230ºF). The Temperature Sensor is placed in the radiator fin section as close to the hot coolant inlet as possible so no need to cut hoses.
  • This switch is operated thermally & also when the air conditioning is in operation.
  • Simply set the temperature by pressing the set button.
  • It can run 1 or two fans. The second fan (if applicable) will start 10 seconds after Fan #1 runs.
  • To convert temperature reading from Centigrade to Fahrenheit, remove the Jumper Pin on the unit next to the LED screen.
      PREMIUM DIGITAL THERMATIC® SWITCH: PART #0455 (12 & 24 Volt) The Premium Digital Thermatic® Switch automatically activates single or twin fans or a fan and/or EWP® at your set/targeted temperature when extra cooling is required. Attractive compact dashboard, driving compartment mounting LED display module, this state-of-the-art switch can also operate your air conditioning fan. ● Temperature Set LED ● Seperate LED indicators for each fan ● Air Conditioning override LED ● Temperature Sensor short circuit display The 5mm probe can be placed in the fins at the top of the radiator sensing air or in the top radiator hose (with #0409) to sense the engine coolant temperature.   TEMPERATURE SENSOR ADAPTOR KIT – PART No: 0409 Now there is no need to squeeze the probe of the Mechanical Thermal Switch or EWP Controller between the radiator inlet and radiator hose. This simple and economical Adaptor Kit allows easy fitting directly into the radiator hose. Just fit probe into compression fitting, remove about 17mm of radiator hose, fit adaptor between each end of hose, secure hose clamps and the job is done. The kit comes with everything you need for a watertight and effective installation. We even supply rubber sleeves to enable fitment to radiator hose sizes from 32 to 40 mm diameter.    

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