Sandwich adapters, remote filter mounts and inline oil thermostats

Sandwich adapters & remote filter mounts

Sandwich Adapters are installed between the oil filter landing on the engine block and the oil filter to route the oil to a remote oil cooler. Spin-On adapters convert the oil filter landing on the engine block to an oil passage for use with a remote oil cooler and/or a remote oil filter installation. 

With an inline oil thermostat 90% of the flow will bypass the engine or transmission oil cooler until the oil have reached 82°C. Over 82°C, 95% of the oil will circulate through the oil cooler. The inline oil thermostat is required in very cold climates and also for high powered applications when the vehicle is used for both street and track use. The inline oil thermostat will prevent over cooling of the oil under these circumstances.

All these products are die cast from aerospace quality aluminium and machine finished on a CNC production line.


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