Electric Booster Pump – 12 V

Electric Booster Pump – 12 V

The revolutionary range of Davies, Craig’s patented Electric Water Pumps are performance accessories suitable for most makes of engines. They are suitable for small, large, plus high-performance cars and 4WD vehicles.

They are vital performance products that improve engine cooling management while giving more power and torque and evenly dissipating heat soak. All EWPs deliver improved fuel economy while lowering the environmental impact by reducing emissions.

Options for EWP® control:

  1. Use in conjunction with EWP®/Fan Digital Controller. The Digital Controller has a micro-processor which will run the EWP® at exactly the right flow rate to maintain your set, targeted engine temperature.
  2. Use in conjunction with Thermal Switch. Combine the EWP® with an adjustable Thermal Switch to add a cooling boost to an overheating mechanical pump cooling system.
  3. Continuous running. Wire the EWP® to the ignition for maximum cooling. This is suitable for race vehicles, very hot climates and chronically overheating engines.
  • Many benefits of the EWP® include:
  • Increased power and torque
  • Increased cooling capability
  • Eliminating heat soak
  • Better control of engine temperature
  • Flexible options for pump control

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