Viscous Fan Clutches

Viscous fan clutchesFan clutches reduce the drain of engine power and improve the efficiency of a vehicle’s cooling system. Fan clutches are fluid coupling devices which provide air flow through the radiator by using the water pump shaft to power a fan blade.

Thermal fan clutches have a built-in thermostat coil spring that detects the air temperature passing through the radiator and air conditioning condenser. The fan clutch engages and provides air flow, only when cooling is needed.When disengaged, the fan clutch “powers down” reducing power drain and increasing fuel economy.When engaged, the fan clutch spins at approximately 75%of the water pump speed.The fan clutches disengage and spin at about 33% of the water pump’s speed when cooling is not required.

This results in:
• more efficient use of engine power
• improved fuel economy
• less fan noise
• extended belt and water pump life

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